Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me, I see your eyes rolling round and round.  You’re infamous for it, even outside your family.  Even though you think it’s a cute signature move, it’s not.  Listen, I know you won’t care what I have to say because let’s face it, I’m “stupid and don’t know anything,” but considering I come… Continue reading Dear Younger Me

How to Make a Habit of Health

If you are anything like me, you are constantly trying and usually failing at making a multitude of positive nutrition choices.  You know, the “starting tomorrow, I’m going to make these five changes in my routine, I HAVE to do it this time…!”  I know we all have those statements. This month, pick ONE. Wait…just… Continue reading How to Make a Habit of Health

What They Haven’t Told You About Breastfeeding

It wasn’t up for discussion with me-breastfeeding, for at least the first year, wherever necessary, was the only way to go.  Although I respected those moms who decided to formula feed, in my soul, I knew they were doing it wrong, as were parents who gave up “early”. God always has a sense of humor.… Continue reading What They Haven’t Told You About Breastfeeding

Olivia’s Birth Story

Our dear children.  They determine their own timelines and their own destinies, don’t they? I received quite the reality check in my lovely thoughts of what the birthday of my first-born would be like.  If I could give any advice to an expecting mom, it would be this: forget the birth plan.  Have a few… Continue reading Olivia’s Birth Story

Use It or Lose It! A Minimalism Challenge

Alright!  Use it or lose it ladies!! I don’t know about you, but my bathroom is chock full of stuff I don’t use or have never used.  Think “Christmas gift lotions and potions” that you’ve received.  Why do you still have these?  Or, why did you just go out and buy new perfume when you… Continue reading Use It or Lose It! A Minimalism Challenge